Edge arrowhead shape
normal inv
dot invdot
odot invodot
none tee
empty invempty
diamond odiamond
ediamond crow
box obox
open halfopen

The examples above show a set of commonly used arrow shapes. There is a grammar of arrow shapes which can be used to describe a collection of 3,111,696 arrow combinations of the 42 variations of the primitive set of 11 arrows.

The basic arrows shown above contain:

  • most of the primitive shapes (box, crow, diamond, dot, inv, none, normal, tee, vee)
  • shapes that can be derived from the grammar (odot, invdot, invodot, obox, odiamond)
  • shapes supported as special cases for backward-compatibility (ediamond, open, halfopen, empty, invempty).


arrowType is a valid type for:
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