Height of node, in inches

type: double, default: 0.5, minimum: 0.02

This is taken as the initial, minimum height of the node. If fixedsize is true, this will be the final height of the node. Otherwise, if the node label requires more height to fit, the node's height will be increased to contain the label.

If the output format is dot, the value given to height will be the final value.

If the node shape is regular, the width and height are made identical:

  • If both the width and the height are set explicitly, the maximum of the two values is used.
  • If one of width or height is set explicitly, that value is used for both width and height.
  • If neither is set explicitly, the minimum of the two default values is used.
Height Example
digraph G {
  "1in" [height=1]
  "2in" [height=2]

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Valid on:
  • Nodes

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