Controls how, and if, edges are represented

type: bool | string

If splines=true, edges are drawn as splines routed around nodes; if splines=false, edges are drawn as line segments. If splines=none or splines="", no edges are drawn at all.

(1 March 2007) splines=line and splines=spline can be used as synonyms for splines=false and splines=true, respectively.

In addition, splines=polyline specifies that edges should be drawn as polylines.

(28 Sep 2010) splines=ortho specifies edges should be routed as polylines of axis-aligned segments. Currently, the routing does not handle ports or, in dot, edge labels.

(25 Sep 2012) splines=curved specifies edges should be drawn as curved arcs.

splines=polyline splines=curved
splines=ortho splines=spline

By default, splines is unset. How this is interpreted depends on the layout engine. For dot, the default is to draw edges as splines. For all other layouts, the default is to draw edges as line segments.

Note that for these latter layouts, if splines="true", this requires non-overlapping nodes (cf. overlap). If fdp is used for layout and splines="compound", then the edges are drawn to avoid clusters as well as nodes.

Valid on:
  • Graphs

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