Tooltip (mouse hover text) attached to the node, edge, cluster, or graph

type: escString, default: ""

If tooltip is unset, Graphviz will use the object's label if defined.

Note that if the label is a record specification or an HTML-like label, the resulting tooltip may be unhelpful. In this case, if tooltips will be generated, the user should set a tooltip attribute explicitly.

digraph {
  label="Graph Label"
  tooltip="Graph Tooltip"
  subgraph cluster_a {
    label="Cluster Label"
    tooltip="Cluster Tooltip"
    Node1 [tooltip="Node1 Tooltip"]
    Node1 -> Node2 [label="Edge" tooltip="Edge Tooltip"]

See also:

Valid on:
  • Nodes
  • Edges
  • Clusters
  • Graphs

Note: cmap, svg only.

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