radial layout.

After Graham Wills 19971.

Nodes are placed on concentric circles depending their distance from a given root node.

You can set the root node, or let twopi do it.

Attributes for twopi features

  • normalize – normalizes coordinates of final layout. Valid on: Graphs.
  • overlap_scaling – Scale layout by factor, to reduce node overlap.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • ranksep – Specifies separation between ranks. Valid on: Graphs.
  • root – Specifies nodes to be used as the center of the layout. Valid on: Graphs, Nodes.
  • voro_margin – Tuning margin of Voronoi technique. Valid on: Graphs.
  • weight – Weight of edge. Valid on: Edges.

Last modified October 2, 2022: update twopi attributed (601bc23)