Node Attributes

Attributes you can set on graph nodes

Examples of node statements:

node [name0=val0] — sets default node attribute name0 to val0. Any node appearing after this inherits the new default attributes.

n0 [name1=val1] — creates node n0 and sets its attributes according to the optional list and default attributes for nodes.

  • area – Indicates the preferred area for a node or empty cluster. For patchwork only.
  • class – Classnames to attach to the node, edge, graph, or cluster's SVG element. For svg only.
  • color – Basic drawing color for graphics, not text.
  • colorscheme – A color scheme namespace: the context for interpreting color names.
  • comment – Comments are inserted into output.
  • distortion – Distortion factor for shape=polygon.
  • fillcolor – Color used to fill the background of a node or cluster.
  • fixedsize – Whether to use the specified width and height attributes to choose node size (rather than sizing to fit the node contents).
  • fontcolor – Color used for text.
  • fontname – Font used for text.
  • fontsize – Font size, in points, used for text.
  • gradientangle – If a gradient fill is being used, this determines the angle of the fill.
  • group – Name for a group of nodes, for bundling edges avoiding crossings. For dot only.
  • height – Height of node, in inches.
  • href – Synonym for URL. For map, postscript, svg only.
  • id – Identifier for graph objects. For map, postscript, svg only.
  • image – Gives the name of a file containing an image to be displayed inside a node.
  • imagepos – Controls how an image is positioned within its containing node.
  • imagescale – Controls how an image fills its containing node.
  • label – Text label attached to objects.
  • labelloc – Vertical placement of labels for nodes, root graphs and clusters.
  • layer – Specifies layers in which the node, edge or cluster is present.
  • margin – For graphs, this sets x and y margins of canvas, in inches.
  • nojustify – Whether to justify multiline text vs the previous text line (rather than the side of the container).
  • ordering – Constrains the left-to-right ordering of node edges. For dot only.
  • orientation – node shape rotation angle, or graph orientation.
  • penwidth – Specifies the width of the pen, in points, used to draw lines and curves.
  • peripheries – Set number of peripheries used in polygonal shapes and cluster boundaries.
  • pin – Keeps the node at the node's given input position. For neato, fdp only.
  • pos – Position of node, or spline control points. For neato, fdp only.
  • rects – Rectangles for fields of records, in points. For write only.
  • regular – If true, force polygon to be regular.
  • root – Specifies nodes to be used as the center of the layout. For twopi, circo only.
  • samplepoints – Gives the number of points used for a circle/ellipse node.
  • shape – Sets the shape of a node.
  • shapefile – A file containing user-supplied node content.
  • showboxes – Print guide boxes for debugging. For dot only.
  • sides – Number of sides when shape=polygon.
  • skew – Skew factor for shape=polygon.
  • sortv – Sort order of graph components for ordering packmode packing.
  • style – Set style information for components of the graph.
  • target – If the object has a URL, this attribute determines which window of the browser is used for the URL. For map, svg only.
  • tooltip – Tooltip (mouse hover text) attached to the node, edge, cluster, or graph. For cmap, svg only.
  • URL – Hyperlinks incorporated into device-dependent output. For map, postscript, svg only.
  • vertices – Sets the coordinates of the vertices of the node's polygon, in inches. For write only.
  • width – Width of node, in inches.
  • xlabel – External label for a node or edge.
  • xlp – Position of an exterior label, in points. For write only.
  • z – Z-coordinate value for 3D layouts and displays.
Last modified June 26, 2022: Node Attributes (bd99a44)